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ARM’s Health Check Scorecard Evaluates Your Business Pulse

Candid, Professional & Confidential. With this insurance industry first, insurers can rely on ARM’s actuarial thought leaders in the evaluation of a company’s financial and operational health.

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Health Checks

ARM Diagnostic Team augments your company’s internal perspective with industry knowledge, including fresh insights and competitor awareness.
Health Check provides the following benefits:

  • Conduct of due diligence
  • Preparation for rating agency meeting
  • Consideration of strategic partners
  • Assessment of acquisition targets
  • Evaluation of needs with C-suite changes
  • Determination of product competitiveness
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ARM Diagnostic Team, led by Dave Ingram and Max Rudolph, has 175 years of combined insurance sector experience and provides objective insights for the Board and Executive Team. Our diagnostics provide:

  • Confidential, high-level review
  • Multi-dimensional assessment
  • Proprietary framework for analysis
  • Peer comparison and evaluation
  • Corporate strategy evaluation
A confidential review for your management team and Board,

While insurers are subject to the same external environment, the selection of products, investment strategies, and operations presents risks and opportunities. The ARM Health Check scorecard provides a confidential review for your management team and Board to assess the health of your business.

Senior ERM Consulting Actuary, David Ingram
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