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2022 ERM Practices Study

Over 50 insurers gave us a look at fifteen of their current ERM practices. Overall, we found the level of practice to be fairly high but there are small number of these 15 practices where we found that a significant minority of responses showed significant room for improvement.  Follow the links below to find out more.  Let us know if you would be interested in learning how your company compares to the group results.

ARM ERM Practices Report 2022

ARM ERM Practices Articles 2022

Creating & Refreshing ERM Programs

Our ERM team has worked with  insurers to install new ERM programs and revitalize older programs that have fallen into disuse. The ERM programs are designed to be consistent with regulatory and rating agency expectations, aligned with company strategy and culture, and bring real value to company management and your Board.



Risk Appetite & Tolerance

Risk Appetite and Tolerance statements are the key linkages between ERM and company strategy. We work with insurers to provide a very practical approach to setting and updating Risk Appetite and Tolerance using examples from other insurers, regulatory requirements and management and board expectations. We also provide an approach to linking Risk Appetite and Tolerance to individual risk limits.

ORSA & Capital Adequacy

We have worked with insurers to develop their first ORSA and provided guidance on streamlining and leveraging existing ORSA and CGAD processes. In addition, we have provided insurers with a lean capital adequacy assessment process to use for internal purposes and can help scan for emerging risks.

Independent Review of ERM program

ARM reviews the design and execution of an ERM program, compared to your preferred internal or external ERM standard, and presents findings to your Risk Management Committee, Executive Team, and/or Board.

Stress Testing & Scenario Analysis

Single risk stress tests and multi risk, integrated, scenarios can be used to test the resilience of an insurer. The ARM team can provide appropriate scenarios, assist with execution and provide interpretation of the results.

ERM Training & Education

The new Strategies & Risk Solutions for Executives series of newsletters, webcasts and discussions is our latest offering.  A full range of topics are also available for presentation in person, live via webcast or delivered as a recording for general staff education on ERM, advanced training for risk management staff or to provide background on risk management to executives and board members.

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